Seminario sul tema Social Ecological Systems (SES) dynamic modeling and GIS interfaces

Il giorno 5 Ottobre 2018, alle ore 15;30, in aula S1.6 (Edificio 3), il Dr. Bruno Meirelles de Oliveira (biologo della São Paulo University), terra’ un seminario dal titolo

Social Ecological Systems (SES) dynamic modeling and GIS interfaces
il cui sommario e’ in calce, assieme ad un breve curriculum del relatore
Multiscale Integrated Model of Ecosystem Services – MIMES is a SES modelling system from System Dynamics that embraces complexity attributes of the system (non-linearity, feedbacks, dynamism, etc) in an interdisciplinary and integrated model. This approach broke the academia limits and has been used by EPA, NOAA, Ocean Conservancy in several countries like United States, Egypt, Cambodia, New Zealand to help in decision making considering Ecosystem Services perspective.
Bruno Meirelles de Oliveira is a biologist (University of São Paulo), MBA in Environment management by Polytechnic School of São Paulo University, Masters in Environmental Sciences by Energy and Environment Institute of the São Paulo University and currently PhD candidate by the same program (2016-2020). His background is in education, rural development and environmental consulting. Develops models focused on Ecosystem Services since 2013.