The fate of floating plastic debris in the ocean (Dr. Matthias Egger, The Ocean Cleanup) – 2021

The courses of “Plastic Today: Key challenges and opportunities” and “Climate and Global Changes in the Age of Sustainable Development” are glad to jointly host a seminar by Dr. Matthias Egger, Lead Ocean Field Scientist of The Ocean Cleanup project.

The seminar, entitled “The fate of floating plastic debris in the ocean“, will take place at 12:30, Monday December 20th, 2021 in room 16b.1.1 (Leonardo Campus) or online (

Abstract: Plastic waste accumulating in the global ocean is an increasingly threatening environmental issue. A large mass of plastics is currently floating and accumulating in subtropical oceanic gyres. These so-called ocean garbage patches became a symbol of the impact of the widescale use of plastics and its discarding in the global ocean. In this presentation, I will summarize the current state of knowledge concerning the sources, transport, and fate of positively buoyant plastic debris in the ocean, ranging from micro- to macroplastics. Such information is of paramount importance to assess the long-term risks of ocean plastic pollution for marine ecosystems and to advance optimized mitigation strategies. Lastly, I will also discuss The Ocean Cleanup’s approach to ridding the world’s oceans of plastic.


A flyer of the seminar is available Flyer_PoliMi_Egger_OceanCleanup

See you there!