Natural Resources Planning and Management

The training course “Planning and management of natural resources” is aimed at acquiring the professional skills of the environmental engineer required in the areas of management of complex environmental systems and construction and use of information systems of the services and the territory for the planning of resources at different scales of intervention space.


The intrinsic complexity that characterizes the various paths of interaction between man and the environment and their evolutionary dynamics represents an important element of knowledge in the formulation of strategies for the governance of resources for adequate sustainability in their use. The problems involve systems that invest spatial extensions between the global planetary one, affected for example by the phenomena of climate change and the environmental accumulation of various persistent and potentially harmful substances, to alterations typically present at the local microscale, such as the quality of work environments or the interior of homes.


Analoghe ed ancor più pressanti esigenze conoscitive interessano situazioni di stretta attualità e di notevole interesse strategico, legate alle possibilità di sfruttamento e di utilizzo ottimale delle risorse rinnovabili per la produzione di beni e di energia nel contesto delle buone politiche di sostenibilità ambientale, oltre che sociale ed economica. Le azioni di riduzione e recupero dei residui civili ed industriali, nell’ottica della cosiddetta economia circolare, e le fonti energetiche alternative ne costituiscono esempi ben noti al riguardo.


The correct management of the environment implies the need to adopt adequate systemic approaches, able to formulate and/or use descriptive tools of the characteristics and effects of the interactions between human activities and resources and their possible evolution. All of this is oriented not only to planning requirements, but also to the identification, definition and evaluation of the role of technical and engineering interventions of various kinds.
The educational path proposed in the field of planning and resource management provides the basic knowledge required to build and/or use the required evaluation systems and apply advanced modeling and simulation tools. The training is supported by a set of specialized disciplines that allow you to integrate into the systems the set of knowledge tools to extend the assessments to individual contexts of interest:


  • formulation and management of territorial plans for coordination, viability and transport, allocation of services, environmental recovery and urban planning;
  • elaboration of strategies for the rational management and planning of sustainable development of natural resources, ecosystems, territory and infrastructures;
  • analysis and simulation of the ecological, social and economic impact of major works and plans, projects and laws on the environment and on the territory with modern information processing systems;
  • territorial informatics and mathematical modelling for the prediction of environmental phenomena;
    assessment of the impact on the environment of major works, regulatory plans and new regulations.



The training curriculum of the proposed course configures potential placements in different professional sectors:

  • public bodies and services for environmental protection, civil protection, territorial protection and assessment of the environmental compatibility of plans and works;
  • authorities and agencies for planning and control of the territory and environmental resources;
  • engineering companies, professional firms and companies providing territorial and environmental services;
  • public bodies and services for monitoring, controlling and protecting the environment and the territory and for
  • assessing the environmental compatibility of plans and works;
  • environmental and/or territorial division of large companies and energy companies;
    universities, public and private research institutes and bodies.