Environmental engineering for sustainability

The “Environmental engineering for sustainability” course, offered entirely in English, is structured for highly transversal purposes. The training is aimed at the skills required for the implementation of interventions and planning of activities within the limits and conditions imposed by the need to balance the quality requirements of the environment and resources with those involved in improving the general context of society in which life.

The training proposal involves the expected effects of natural hazards and anthropogenic activities on the complex of environmental components (air, water, soil, biota) and their mitigation needs, and is aimed at acquiring the engineering skills associated with the needs of formulation and assessment of the environmental sustainability of the interventions.

The proposed educational path provides the basic and specialized knowledge required to describe and analyze the complex of environmental components (air, water, soil, biota), the natural and anthropic impacts that affect it and the corresponding mitigation actions. The training is divided into a set of basic disciplines that provide advanced knowledge for the description of phenomena of alteration, integrated with the specialist disciplines that individually cover the set of knowledge necessary for the identification and preparation of remediation and management of environmental quality. The overall curriculum is aimed at the professional skills required in the following areas of intervention:

  • description and assessment of water, air and soil pollution phenomena;
  • identification and preparation of interventions to defend, plan and manage the territory, natural resources and ecosystems from natural and anthropogenic risks;
  • use of cartographic tools, information systems and modelling approaches for the description of the environment and the effects of alteration and for the optimal choice of interventions;
  • assessment of the impact on the environment of major works, regulatory plans and new regulations.

The preparation is located in the areas of interest of technical and engineering professionals in the environmental field of industrial companies, public and private service management companies, international and national agencies for strategic planning and management of civil and industrial infrastructure and land use. The training curriculum of the course configures potential placements in the following professional sectors:

  • public bodies and services for environmental protection, civil protection, territorial defence and assessment of the environmental compatibility of plans and works;
  • authorities and agencies for planning and control of the territory and environmental resources;
  • companies and companies managing the technological networks of public services;
  • universities, public and private research institutes and bodies.